13 March 2008

Prep # 11 -- Mixed Bag


Someone recently asked how I was feeling about this upcoming hike. After purchasing my ticket to San Diego for April 14 and now with plans to step foot on the trail 17 /18th, I'm feeling a little unsettled. With the Hiking For Recovery work, I've made more effort than ever to tell people about my plans. As a result I've built up an image of certain completion (or at least a projection of mine that I put onto others). Now I'm nervous. I have gone through transitions before and recognize my feelings uncertainty accompanies a new big thing. Therefore, I don't wrestle with theses feelings. Also I'm hopeful that my 'projection' of completion, will aid me in the guise of support when I do want to quite after a week(s) of loneliness or wet feet.


jpesamino@ubsc.com said...

Hi Casey,
This is Jessie in Seattle. I just spoke with you a few minutes ago. I wish you luck on your upcoming adventure. What a wonderful thing you are doing!!!!


Anonymous said...

Counselor Casey,
Scott Lamb here. After hearing about your hike today, all I can say is "inspirational" Have fun, take your time, and meet many critterly friends along the way.lol.