29 June 2008

VVR - Mammoth Lakes (@ Red's Meadow ~906)


Only a two days and one night have past since leaving VVR. My leg is still sore and same for my heart. The typically energy I have for long days and continuous miles are not present. I left VVR Thursday on their Ferry across Thomas A. Edison Lake. Knowing fewer navigation issues were ahead, I was please to leave everyone and hike my own style again. Uncharacteristically of my AT hike, I left the 'official' PCT for an alternate route into Red's Meadow (Red's is the point to catch as bus into Mammoth Lakes).

Off the PCT, I took the Cascade Valley Trail. WOW! Falls, after falls, after falls, and plenty of gentle hiking. My body and energy still weak felt that even this reported 'easier terrain' was tiresome. But the most exciting piece was that after my first night alone, I hiked to a set of natural hot springs. So Friday morning I spent an hour resting in a warm smoothing bath. Oh, I almost forgot, Thursday night just 1.5 hours prior to camp I saw my first PCT bear foraging for food about 50 yards down hill from me.

I didn't relax more as I was eager to get to town. Just a few miles prior to Red's Meadow, I took a break at Rainbow Falls, strangely this cascades triggered some emotional aversion and tension that echoed of my Wood Creek incident. I took sometime to pray and then hiked to catch the Shuttle to Mammoth Lakes. Low and behold I saw SW. there. I was glad to have him to share a sit with as I was a bit self conscience of my odors around the bus full of tourists / dayhikers. In Mammoth Lakes, I was hoping to see Sew n Sew and Paranoia once again.

Exciting for me was that I was able to run from my Motel 6 room to the local natural health store. I made it just minutes prior to is closing Friday, able to purchase some Kombucha. I love that stuff. I can't wait to start brewing again.

I did meet up with my friends. But most of my time in town was spent in bed, trying to rest and recover. I was ready to end my hike. Yet many small gestures have contined to encourage me northward. One such incident was, at the Base Camp Cafe, the waiter covered my tab after we discussed PCT and his upcoming 3-months snowboarding trip to Chile.

I miss you , and I look forward to hiking with you soon.


26 June 2008

Indepence to VVR (PCT ~860)


This past week has been the most physically trying so far. I'm tired and feeling weak. I don't have much energy even though I have been eating more. My hiking partner SW. has had GI issues and hasn't eaten in three days. Hopefully I don't get whatever he's been carrying. Today, I'm getting my maildrop at Vermilion Valley Resort (VVR) and resting. The temptation of a big meal and many calories waifs from the smell of the grill. Sadly I only feel my stomach is safe with toast and some fruit.

Leaving from Independence in route to VVR, I didn't begin with this low energy. As I shared with Emily, I left Independence full of energy and carried a great zeal for the trail and life in general. But a series of events continued to take 'it' out of me. First my Wood Creek Incident. The following night, Joanne walked by camp asking "have you seen Andrea." This was about 8 pm in the dark and we didn't know where Andrea was. The following day included a 2 hour rock scrambling, bolder hopping off trail search (she was up trail and had passed by off trail). Later I injured my leg by straining a muscle. That same afternoon SW. started getting sick. Slowing my pace to stay with him, I started feeling weaker myself.

However, settling more and more into this trail experience and finding home in my body has been supported by the relentless beauty. The long snow fields of Muir Pass made the summit taste all the more wonderful. Yet getting up to this pass was slow going, and I continued to be decieved as I misused my maps. Up and over SW. & I camped along Evolution Lake. Relaxing in camp by 7pm with the Towering Granite Spires and Spikes of Evolutions peak behind me I watched a glowing sun light up the canyon and reflect on the lake. The chill of 10,000 ft. and stillness of the air at 8pm was revitalizing after the work of that day.

Many things blurried together as I felt weaker and I put much attention into tending to my ailing friend. Initially my rambling stories helped each of us keep pace up climbing. By the last day in this section, I didn't want to talk much.

I've laid around at VVR begining to uppack the feelings from the Wood Creek Incident. After speaking with you on the phone, I found myself crying telling someone of my mixed feelings. Then I laid in bed feeling my heart and body trying to untangle the messy memories.

Slowly, just as I travel one step a time, Grace is providing the healing that my mind/body / heart yearn are always seeking.


23 June 2008

Way behind on journal entries...[Done!]

I just received 2 more journal entries to go with the 3 I received last week (that's what I get for not opening the letter until today!). I'll have them posted over the next couple of days. I also think I'm 1-2 picture cards behind. I'll post the pics first (its easier).


Edit: I posted 3 journal entries and both photo cards. Two more (long) entries to go.
Edit2: I need to learn to count. There are 3 more long-ish entries to go. I'll try to get 1-2 of them up tonight. FWIW, the pictures below are great!
Edit3: Done! See 6/10, 6/15 and 6/17 entries.

19 June 2008

Incident at Wood Creek

*** The following is a thank you letter sent to Sequoia / Kings Canyon Search and Rescue on my Behalf. Details to follow this letter***

Dear Debbie Brenchley,

I'm writing with a heart of gratitude for Kathy's, your pilot's and your diligent work to respond to my emergency back country accident. I realize that a great expense was occurred and you all were working in a risky situation to help me.

As I stood shivering at the bottom of a ten foot punch bowl surging with water, I was scared. I was glad Greg activated his emergency GPS beacon. My friends tried to help me get out for over one and one-half hour. The cold water I stood in was effecting hypothermic conditions in me. Knowing that some help would respond to Greg's beacon helped me maintain a hopeful mental attitude.

I am now clearly more aware of how a playful moment in water can cascade into a life-threatening situation in seconds. I will diligently be a more cautious and safer back country traveller hence froth.

Again I thank you and your supporting staff and all search and rescue. You all are , in the language of long-distance hiking communities, true 'trail angels.'

Casey Burnett

*** Now to hear the Rest of the Story***

On a hot day, I saw some fast flowing shallow water moving along Wood Creek, a mere twenty feet from the trail. (for those familar this is about 1 - 1.5 miles north of the suspension bridge)   Knowing that dangerous falls were just a few 100 feet down stream, I carefully laid down a the edge of the water in 1 or 2 inches cooling myself off. I asked NOIA to make a video clip of me sliding maybe a foot or two on the edge. What I failed to realize was the power of physics.

In an instant of movement, I was floated not just down the edge but also into the center of surging water (6-10 inches). Three seconds of terror followed as I screamed NO! NO! NO! etc 100 yards of uncontrollable circumstances before I said Okay, "feet down stream and cover my head". This granite water slide I had been shooting along had no end in my minds eye. BOOM! I hit a down tree which saved me from falling any further.

Now standing on the edge of a punch bowl which I had dropped ten feet into, I was trapped with a ten foot rock shelf over me and 4 feet of funnelled forced water at my feet falling further down the mountain side. Noia and SW. quick tried to throw me a rope across these 4 feet. Only the rope and stick were pulled into the current and lost. I attempted to climb the tree which had stopped me and leaned part way up the rock shelf over me, but my bare feet hurt to much and the rock I'd have to traverse was smooth and without much hand hold options.

I realized as I stood shivering I was starting to experience Hypothermia. I stripped my wet shirt and shouted the news to NOIA and SW. Now I was scared again. How did I survive the slide? Now with my feet standing in snow melt and trapped, uncertainity reigned supreme as my mind raced for ideas and my heart attempted to remain calm. I shouted for food. Time was slow and fast simultaneously. Noia sang and danced across from me helping me bounce, move, warm a bit and smile. Realizing the miracouls part 1. to this event, I survived 100yds of uncontrollable free fall, I sang to myself a new song. "I am alive, I am alive, I am alive."

SW. found a way to stand above me and lowered me food and my rain gear and shoes. Dressed I felt warmer. Eating was a chore as my chattering jaw hurt from use and the stress I was bitting back. My conscience had been drifting but learning that NOIA has used his GPS 911 helped hold to hope.

I thought my with my shoes I would be more secure on the log and maybe have some traction on the glacier smoothed granite above me. SW. had brought my ice axe's sling to use as a move able handhold. I gingerly tried to loose my hands death grip from the log (I had been holding too for emotional security and comfort) and wiggled my fingers. Then I tried climbing the log once again. At the top the transition to rock was worrisome. A fall may put me in the center of the water cascade further down hill. SW. stabilized himself and extended the sling. I felt my shoes grip on the rock (i'm very grateful I like multiple adventure sports, having a few years experience of technical rock climbing, I think helped immensely). I stood on the first small shelf, hand in sling. My free hand searched for an additional hand grip. Found, SW. moved the sling and I made two more moves and was out.

I stumbled from the rocks edge and collapsed into my seat and began crying. SW.'s comfort and support at that moment rubbing my shoulder and recognizing the grace of this experience was uplifting from the drowning of other emotions (fear, fear, fear, sadness, guilt, etc.) that erupted in the safer environment.

SW. and I joined NOIA via a down tree 200 yards up from my temporary prison and 100 yards up from the three second slide. Noia and I hugged. Celebration. We sat down, exhausted and took a long lunch after this 1.5 hour unplanned experience. Noia sent several OKAYs with his GPS beacon.

Later that night Search and Rescue arrived. Apparently the device is so new, Noia and S&R didn't know how to cancel the 911 correctly. The three of us gave our report. Hopefully I won't get at $3000 bill for the backcountry response call. Kathy and Deb seemed to think the incident was a legitimate call for action, but others would need to review.

I fell without "dashing my foot against a stone" only a minor scratch on my leg and knuckles marked my body. This playful moment in water is a lesson in the danger and magisty of nature's power. My accident could have been easily filled with injury or even fatal.

My heart was heavy with this trauma for some time. More on this later.

Thank you all for your prayer of safety.

Rae Lakes to Pinchot Pass

18 June 2008

Independce, CA (790) - just a hitch


I wanted to share with you a moment of grace.   Really this is a series of stories that to me reveal God in my midst working in and around me.   As Sew n-Sew, Paranioa and I prepared to leave town with an arranged ride up to Onion Valley Trail head, Sleepwalker (SW.) arrived on a bus from Bishop.   As I picked up his pack (heavy to my 1/2 his age body) and saw him limp a bit, I offered him my spot in the car.  I figured I could catch my gang and I had been planning to hitch anyways

As I stood waiting with my thumb out my friends IMPATIENT and FRUSTRATION arrived to stand with me (note: these are not hikers but personifications of my internal feelings).   As I struggled to offer compassion to each moment and driver, I realized something.   I was experiencing powerlessness.  When I accepted this I found great freedom to be kind to myself and strangers who drive past.

After 1.5 hours a truck past me only to turn around and pick me up.  As Frank let me into his car, he explained to his seven year old son, Joseph that I looked nice and don't usually pick up hitchhikers.   As we talked I was edified with my position that it will be more important to hike with my dad in Oregon than worry about getting to Canada by some arbitrary date in the middle of September.  Reality is the dirt path of the PCT will last longer than all our short time here on earth.  What are my priorities?

Mystery continue to dance with me as I started up the trail towards Kearsarge Pass, Joanne is heading down the trail to me.   Now I see God's working.  I was available to troubleshoot and listen to her and Andrea as they process a forgotten cell phone and longing to call home.   So I was there.  All God ask of us sometimes.  

I left only to catch SW. and Paranoia.   The three us partnered up to help each other with navigation and for me slow down my pace.

I see in all these small happenings the loving hand of God giving gifts, first to me from Frank's message as a father taking his son fishing, second in me being a ear to frustrated friends, and finally the gift of companionship from SW. and Noia for the next section.

Surrender to the Way of Grace is a powerful tool for being an agent of change,  an ambassador of Christ, God's love in and for Heaven on Earth here & now.   However the power of surrender is powerlessness in this world of fearful control (my natural "go-to").   I wonder how these truths will grow in me with time.  I always hope I am available more and more to God's will for me.  May it be so.

Love and miss you,

Indepence to Rae Lakes

17 June 2008

Photos: Kennedy Meadows to Independence

Full Screen

Note: Sorry the movies are out of sequence (they are all at the end).

Resupply Indenpendence


I’m spending a night on the gazebo of a new construction B&B in town. This came together only moments before 9pm, wow! Town has been a rush, but my chores are nearly down and I’ll be hiking tomorrow. Earlier I hitched to Lone Pine to find an outfitter to replace worn socks and buy more sunscreen. Now I’ve mailed my sun pants home. Yeah, a lighter pack if only in my mind makes miles and climbs easier.

Climb, climb, climb! Last Wednesday, shortly after walking through the still smoldering Clover meadow fields, the PCT headed for 10,000 feet over ???? pass. The broad wide meadows on either side are stunning.

I’ve matched up with 6 other hikers for safety. Paranoia, Sew-n-Sew, Senator, Too Obtuse and Bad Advice. The collective pace is less than my normal plans. At first this was a struggle, yet I’ve learned to play more as I wait. Climbing on rock piles and splashing in rivers and creeks. Yes, water.

Water is plentiful. Bonus water crosses trail from high snow melt making cleanliness and hydration more convenient. I wash my face and neck often and sometimes my socks.

Water, flowing, in many forms, small brooks, big cascades, wider rivers and small streams. All of them beautiful and full of life (God). Grandeur and awe fill my heart often. Mountain peaks, tower out of great rangers of granite.

Yesterday, I climbed over Forester pass. Following trail wasn’t hard, but impossible because it was often under snow. However, I now feel more confident in my map skills as I connected rock islands to the south slope and climbed to 13,500’.

I wrote to Dad about my side trip up Mt. Whitney. I’ve find climbing rather enjoyable, especially knowing I’ll be surprised by new views. As Paranoia said “it’s so big1” it’s nearly impossible to describe the majesty of it all.

I think often you should submit for sabbatical and thru-hike the John Muir Trail. You know the PCT and JMT share most of next 250 miles of gorgeous land.

My body is doing well, with low mileage. One change is something has led to my feet swelling resulting in blisters on my big toes. Ow! New shoes are ordered for South Lake Tahoe two-weeks away.

My spirits and heard feel more settled in this new environment. I continue to listen for God in silence and stillness 3x a day. This grounding is a huge support and healing communication for me.

Be well and give my love to my nieces and nephew and Cheri


15 June 2008

Mt. Whitney summit


Happy father’s day! I just awoke near Guitar Lake from my post-summit nap. Yesterday Senator, Paranoia and I camped above Guitar Lake at a “tarn”. Our intention at Senator’s initiation was to hike out starting at midnight so we might catch a sunrise from the summit.

The granite bowl wrapped around our camp glowed last night with a bright moon. The area is full of marmots. A nuance problem for food storage and tasty sweat covered gear. Additional attention was taken to put all my gear inside.

Midnight arrived a few 4 hours after lying down. The three of us packed dup and were hiking with headlamps and moonlight quickly. The trail was easy to follow at first. However, change came abruptly across a snow patch and we lost the trail

The following 2 hours of scrambling were at first exciting, then worrisome and tiring. The moon hide behind an opposite face and the valley went black. Our small headlamps were limited aid. Reviewing map, we decided to spread out a bit and head up into the headwall. In short order we were out of eye and ear sight, not a wise move. I wandered into rocks and snow as far up as I could. After a scary and risky choice involving a icy patch, I gave up, deciding to return to camp. As I did Paranoia shouted as I passed, “I’ve found the trail.” I joined him, but no Senator. We waited an hour. Still no response, to shouts, whistle and blinking headlamps.

Now going on 4am, others began to arrive very slowly. Too obtuse said, I could head up on off chance Senator passed us. Paranoia went to the opposing wall as light filtered slowly into area. As I hiked quickly, to say warm, I fed off irritatable energy and worry about Senator. Thirty-minutes up my two-hour accent; I heard Paranoia shouting to Senator and heard everyone was okay.

I was released to hike, from my mind of second-guessing. Through Blocky spires and up stone steps I climbed 3000+ feet. I arrived at Mt. Whitney’s summit at 6:50am. I thought of you. As I turned a bend to find quarter mile, I was swept with tears as I ????? the tension I caused up with me.

Three hours passed as hikers arrived. I ate well as Americorp vol shared delicious oranges, apples and goat cheese.

The descent was slower than my ascent. The temperature rose. The sun is blaring through the thin, blue-cloudless skies above. We are planning to have lunch soon and then hike a few more miles.

I wonder what my swing down from the emotional summit of Mt. Whitney 14,495’ (tallest in continental USA) will be like. Now being physically exhausted and approaching high-point on PCT over Forester Pass tomorrow, I hope my body can rest and recover well.



10 June 2008

Photos: Mojave to Kennedy Meadows

Full Screen

Kennedy Meadows


Tomorrow I will leave and head into the high sierras. When the gang I was waiting for Sunday arrived and reported they wanted to tank two zeros. I felt irritated. However, now at the beginning of my third zero I’m glad for the change of routine.

I’m camped out with two-dozen hikers, whose identities change each day. Relaxing outdoors without many townie distractions brings the gift of a camping trip. There is no hurry. I can synchronize my internal pace with my actions a little easier. Sometimes while hiking, I’m thinking ahead of my body.

Sunday there was an informal church service, delivered by a local mountain man, known as “the deacon.” I continue to bump into other hikers, passionate about God shown thru Jesus. I’m grateful to have shared times of prayer and conversation with mike, Danger and Wildflower, EZ-going and Free, detective Friday and others. Others have been intrigued by my participation in the 6-week silent retreat last fall.

Yesterday afternoon, Paranoia, Andrea and I walked down to the south Fork of Kerne River to swim. The water was refreshingly cold. Some rocks provided seats near small rapids. Then we warmed ourselves on hot rock slabs at the river’s edge. I also did a few stretches, noting that stiffness had been creeping into my inactive muscles.

I’ve noted that my Achilles and heel are sore each morning. This is alarming to me on one hand as these are signs of plantar fasciitis. Yet I know many athletes and outdoors people who are for themselves through this ailment. Gingerly, I’ve increase my self-massage and begun some simple stretches, I’ve read about online. A very important self-assessment is these pains are not getting worse.

I sent myself too much food, so I indulge myself in consumption whenever I please. Even when I’m aware I’m eating out of boredom. At the general store, I’ve bought OJ, “V8” and ice cream, plus treating myself to sarsaparilla root beer as these are not packable on trail.

I loaded my “Bearvault” with 6-days of food and it feels really heavy. I increased my packed food, knowing altitude and challenging terrain will leave me hungry more often. With the bearvault, I haven’t learned how to pack my “ULA-Circuit” a new. At any rate, I haven’t much to get rid of, buy whatever extras I do have I’ll mail home today with this letter and another photo card.

I’ve enjoyed being able to talk on the phone and hear how family is. The inspirational quotes and copies of devotionals have been greatly appreciated. They seemed to be nutritionally rich for a balance spiritual diet. As always thanks for making my boxes and adding treats.



09 June 2008

Trail Statistics to date...

  • April 17 thru June 7: Campo to Kennedy Meadows -- 44 days
  • 12 Zeros
    • Warner Springs (3) – Kick off party
    • Idyllwild (4) – includes fire detour
    • Big Bear
    • Wrightwood
    • Aqua Dulce
    • Case de Luna
    • Mojave
  • 6 Neroes (less than 10 miles in a day)
    • Warner Spring
    • Paradise Café
    • Cajon Pass
    • Wrightwood
    • Mojave
    • Kennedy Meadows
  • Body Ailments
    • Right Achilles and then left Achilles
    • Knee pain on and off
    • Blisters
    • Sun burnt nose
  • Gear worn out/wearing out
    • Trekking pole
    • Rain pants
    • On 2nd pair of shoes
    • Torn sun hat
    • Sleeping pad is smashed and torn
    • Wore through two pairs of socks
  • Hikers
    • Sew-n-sew
    • Gazelle
    • Matt A
    • B-1
    • Sasquatch
    • Senator
    • Sly
    • Gopher
    • Sleepwalker
    • Cuddles
    • Paranoia
    • Gypsy lulu
    • Tailwinds
    • Tahoe Mike

Trail highlights to date...

· Campo to Warner Spring

o Day 1 – excitement, touching Mexico under fence

o Concern about Achilles pain out of Mt. Laguna Store

o Trail magic – camping with sarah and conversation

o Meeting Joanne and Andrea at 3rd gate water cache

o Free night with “B-1” at ranch; talking and soaking at Hot Spring

o Beautiful ???? fields as Warner Spring approached

o ADZPCTKO – ride from Yogi, working with Brian from ULA; seeing all the hikers

o Hearing Eric Ryback talk about his hiking experience

· Warner Springs to Big Bear

o Paradice Café’s Jose Burger #2 with Fat Tire amber Al

o Apache Peak fire – changing my plans

o Side trip to climb in sunning and exciting Joshua tree NP

o A night sleeping under I-10

o Majestic campsite along Mission Creek, meeting Senator and Opah

o Fun in “tomato House” and $9 given to use at highway overpass “from the lord”

· Big Bear to Wrightwood

o Helping Ross, secure a ride off trail as he wore out

o Walking near Holcomb Creek and deep creek with wild birds

o Deep Creek Hot springs, struggling to relax; swimming

o Pastor Marlene’s root beer float trail magic

o Sunset from Cleghorn (?) ridge north of Silverwood Lake

o Panic at I-15 that next 22 miles were dry and mostly uphill

o Trail angels – Walt and Laurie host me in their home

o Reunion in Wrightwood – Sew-n-sew, Sly and sasquatch

· Wrightwood to Aqua Dulce (Hiker Heaven)

o Buggy summit of Mt. Baden Powell

o Wild African Safari Dream at Little Jimmy Springs campground

o Breakfast at North Fork ranger station, washing my face crying

o 1 hour break at Mattox Creek in Canyon Burn

o Afternoon at Robi’s Nest Campground pool, resting with “Whiz”

o Sleep under the “Star trek” rocks – “vasquez Rocks”

o Hiker heaven – to town movie “Indian Joes”, “in-n-out burger”

· Aqua Dulce to Mojave

o Slack pack 24 miles, 6+ running at Anderson’s

o Relax’n outside on zero; taco salad; Joe and Terri’s trail angel story

o Playing on aqueduct with chalk

o Hikertown’s cold outdoor shower; dog pee’d on my pack

o Giant sand pile, trail with no path

o Mojave, eat’n at denny’s, discerning thru my doubts and fears

o Church

· Mojave to Kennedy Meadows

o Wind farms, more wind farms

o Gust pushing me and full pack around, up and down

o Sheltering in pine grove (sunset), Joshua Tree Grove under rock

o Talk with Paranoia and Andrea while climbing from Bird Spring road

o Views into Butter Bread Canyon; OF snow covered ridges and Mt. Whitney

o Fire again closes trail

o Excitement/fear of pending High Sierras

08 June 2008

Kennedy Meadows General Store


I left the town of Mojave with seven days of food and five liters of water, this may have been the heaviest my packs been thus far. My Sunday start didn’t happen until almost noon, as I attended church in town. The three hikers in attendance doubled the size of this UCC congregation. The pianist kindly drove me to the trail.

Three days were windy and exposed. The gusts at saddles sometimes pushed me up hill. I met up with Paranoia, and we camped together in the shelter of pines a top of a ridge. We were able to witness a stunning sunset with our dinners. He and I hiked together for next four days. We met up with Sew-n-Sew, senator and Too Obtuse at camp near Bird Spring. The next 30 miles would have been dry without the generous water cache by trail angles Bill and Mary.

The terrain remained mostly sandy desert, but at times the vegetation blended with pine groves hinting at the approaching High Sierra. Another clue was the climbs grew steeper and longer. As the PCT wandered along beautiful valleys would appear down from each saddle or pass. And rocky ridge lines seemed to grow gnarlier as I left Southern California behind.

Very exciting views of snow covered ranges and a towering Mt. Whitney, spanned the horizon. This gave me additional pull to hike-on to Kennedy Meadows. I hiked most of Friday alone having camped solo, the night before, near Needle Peak springlet in the basin of Needle Peaks. It wasn’t until nearly dinner I met a section hiker. However, I continued onward camping alone again in Rock House Basin.

In camp early, 6:30p, I did some yoga and waited for sunset. The basin was expansive and sound of south Fork of Kern River bounced to my ears as stars slowly appeared. I awoke at 5:45a, and watched three lightweight hikers pass by. I packed eager for my destination and two scheduled zero days.

Relaxing and resting is a challenge for me. Yet I know it’s important for my body and mind to take a break. This is especially true because of the focus and energy that will be needed in the High Sierra. I am scared at some level; and confident at another. I think my fears are the fuel of my earlier doubts. The group I plan to enter the next 200+ miles with is well skilled and equipped for what lies ahead in the trail-less snowfields and bear country.

I spoke with Shoshana in Mohave. She helped me remember the faith in God who led me to the AT, JVC, silent retreat and carried me through is here to. I sometimes lose sight of God’s working on the macro-level of my life.

Well, I hope Tony and you enjoy your 50 mile trip in PA [It was fun. We had crappy weather, but otherwise it was a great trip]. From what you’ve shared, you seem excited to hike and spend time together. I miss mom and you very much.

Be healthy and take care.

Love Casey.

June 8 resting at Kennedy Meadows

Surprising to me there is Internet access in a trailer at mile 700 just a 1/2 mile off trail. I've resupplied and rested up. Thanks to all those who are emailing me encouragement. I'm moved and touched by the generosity of love and compassion for my journey and life. I feel more centered in my God. Trusting more in the Spirit which has led me before and through difficult times to carry me.

I wanted to share a friends blog. Senator updates his blog everyday via a Pocketmail device. His postings have more details of day to day happens and are uploaded weekly. I started hiking with him around May 8th. Click Here to read it.

I'm excited and nervous for the snow fields of the High Sierras. I'll start hiking by the 10th I think and make it to the North End by July 7th and rest up / recover at South Lake Tahoe for two days.

Be well.

Yours in God's Hands

01 June 2008

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