18 June 2008

Independce, CA (790) - just a hitch


I wanted to share with you a moment of grace.   Really this is a series of stories that to me reveal God in my midst working in and around me.   As Sew n-Sew, Paranioa and I prepared to leave town with an arranged ride up to Onion Valley Trail head, Sleepwalker (SW.) arrived on a bus from Bishop.   As I picked up his pack (heavy to my 1/2 his age body) and saw him limp a bit, I offered him my spot in the car.  I figured I could catch my gang and I had been planning to hitch anyways

As I stood waiting with my thumb out my friends IMPATIENT and FRUSTRATION arrived to stand with me (note: these are not hikers but personifications of my internal feelings).   As I struggled to offer compassion to each moment and driver, I realized something.   I was experiencing powerlessness.  When I accepted this I found great freedom to be kind to myself and strangers who drive past.

After 1.5 hours a truck past me only to turn around and pick me up.  As Frank let me into his car, he explained to his seven year old son, Joseph that I looked nice and don't usually pick up hitchhikers.   As we talked I was edified with my position that it will be more important to hike with my dad in Oregon than worry about getting to Canada by some arbitrary date in the middle of September.  Reality is the dirt path of the PCT will last longer than all our short time here on earth.  What are my priorities?

Mystery continue to dance with me as I started up the trail towards Kearsarge Pass, Joanne is heading down the trail to me.   Now I see God's working.  I was available to troubleshoot and listen to her and Andrea as they process a forgotten cell phone and longing to call home.   So I was there.  All God ask of us sometimes.  

I left only to catch SW. and Paranoia.   The three us partnered up to help each other with navigation and for me slow down my pace.

I see in all these small happenings the loving hand of God giving gifts, first to me from Frank's message as a father taking his son fishing, second in me being a ear to frustrated friends, and finally the gift of companionship from SW. and Noia for the next section.

Surrender to the Way of Grace is a powerful tool for being an agent of change,  an ambassador of Christ, God's love in and for Heaven on Earth here & now.   However the power of surrender is powerlessness in this world of fearful control (my natural "go-to").   I wonder how these truths will grow in me with time.  I always hope I am available more and more to God's will for me.  May it be so.

Love and miss you,

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