10 June 2008

Kennedy Meadows


Tomorrow I will leave and head into the high sierras. When the gang I was waiting for Sunday arrived and reported they wanted to tank two zeros. I felt irritated. However, now at the beginning of my third zero I’m glad for the change of routine.

I’m camped out with two-dozen hikers, whose identities change each day. Relaxing outdoors without many townie distractions brings the gift of a camping trip. There is no hurry. I can synchronize my internal pace with my actions a little easier. Sometimes while hiking, I’m thinking ahead of my body.

Sunday there was an informal church service, delivered by a local mountain man, known as “the deacon.” I continue to bump into other hikers, passionate about God shown thru Jesus. I’m grateful to have shared times of prayer and conversation with mike, Danger and Wildflower, EZ-going and Free, detective Friday and others. Others have been intrigued by my participation in the 6-week silent retreat last fall.

Yesterday afternoon, Paranoia, Andrea and I walked down to the south Fork of Kerne River to swim. The water was refreshingly cold. Some rocks provided seats near small rapids. Then we warmed ourselves on hot rock slabs at the river’s edge. I also did a few stretches, noting that stiffness had been creeping into my inactive muscles.

I’ve noted that my Achilles and heel are sore each morning. This is alarming to me on one hand as these are signs of plantar fasciitis. Yet I know many athletes and outdoors people who are for themselves through this ailment. Gingerly, I’ve increase my self-massage and begun some simple stretches, I’ve read about online. A very important self-assessment is these pains are not getting worse.

I sent myself too much food, so I indulge myself in consumption whenever I please. Even when I’m aware I’m eating out of boredom. At the general store, I’ve bought OJ, “V8” and ice cream, plus treating myself to sarsaparilla root beer as these are not packable on trail.

I loaded my “Bearvault” with 6-days of food and it feels really heavy. I increased my packed food, knowing altitude and challenging terrain will leave me hungry more often. With the bearvault, I haven’t learned how to pack my “ULA-Circuit” a new. At any rate, I haven’t much to get rid of, buy whatever extras I do have I’ll mail home today with this letter and another photo card.

I’ve enjoyed being able to talk on the phone and hear how family is. The inspirational quotes and copies of devotionals have been greatly appreciated. They seemed to be nutritionally rich for a balance spiritual diet. As always thanks for making my boxes and adding treats.



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