08 June 2008

June 8 resting at Kennedy Meadows

Surprising to me there is Internet access in a trailer at mile 700 just a 1/2 mile off trail. I've resupplied and rested up. Thanks to all those who are emailing me encouragement. I'm moved and touched by the generosity of love and compassion for my journey and life. I feel more centered in my God. Trusting more in the Spirit which has led me before and through difficult times to carry me.

I wanted to share a friends blog. Senator updates his blog everyday via a Pocketmail device. His postings have more details of day to day happens and are uploaded weekly. I started hiking with him around May 8th. Click Here to read it.

I'm excited and nervous for the snow fields of the High Sierras. I'll start hiking by the 10th I think and make it to the North End by July 7th and rest up / recover at South Lake Tahoe for two days.

Be well.

Yours in God's Hands

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