29 June 2008

VVR - Mammoth Lakes (@ Red's Meadow ~906)


Only a two days and one night have past since leaving VVR. My leg is still sore and same for my heart. The typically energy I have for long days and continuous miles are not present. I left VVR Thursday on their Ferry across Thomas A. Edison Lake. Knowing fewer navigation issues were ahead, I was please to leave everyone and hike my own style again. Uncharacteristically of my AT hike, I left the 'official' PCT for an alternate route into Red's Meadow (Red's is the point to catch as bus into Mammoth Lakes).

Off the PCT, I took the Cascade Valley Trail. WOW! Falls, after falls, after falls, and plenty of gentle hiking. My body and energy still weak felt that even this reported 'easier terrain' was tiresome. But the most exciting piece was that after my first night alone, I hiked to a set of natural hot springs. So Friday morning I spent an hour resting in a warm smoothing bath. Oh, I almost forgot, Thursday night just 1.5 hours prior to camp I saw my first PCT bear foraging for food about 50 yards down hill from me.

I didn't relax more as I was eager to get to town. Just a few miles prior to Red's Meadow, I took a break at Rainbow Falls, strangely this cascades triggered some emotional aversion and tension that echoed of my Wood Creek incident. I took sometime to pray and then hiked to catch the Shuttle to Mammoth Lakes. Low and behold I saw SW. there. I was glad to have him to share a sit with as I was a bit self conscience of my odors around the bus full of tourists / dayhikers. In Mammoth Lakes, I was hoping to see Sew n Sew and Paranoia once again.

Exciting for me was that I was able to run from my Motel 6 room to the local natural health store. I made it just minutes prior to is closing Friday, able to purchase some Kombucha. I love that stuff. I can't wait to start brewing again.

I did meet up with my friends. But most of my time in town was spent in bed, trying to rest and recover. I was ready to end my hike. Yet many small gestures have contined to encourage me northward. One such incident was, at the Base Camp Cafe, the waiter covered my tab after we discussed PCT and his upcoming 3-months snowboarding trip to Chile.

I miss you , and I look forward to hiking with you soon.


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