09 June 2008

Trail highlights to date...

· Campo to Warner Spring

o Day 1 – excitement, touching Mexico under fence

o Concern about Achilles pain out of Mt. Laguna Store

o Trail magic – camping with sarah and conversation

o Meeting Joanne and Andrea at 3rd gate water cache

o Free night with “B-1” at ranch; talking and soaking at Hot Spring

o Beautiful ???? fields as Warner Spring approached

o ADZPCTKO – ride from Yogi, working with Brian from ULA; seeing all the hikers

o Hearing Eric Ryback talk about his hiking experience

· Warner Springs to Big Bear

o Paradice Café’s Jose Burger #2 with Fat Tire amber Al

o Apache Peak fire – changing my plans

o Side trip to climb in sunning and exciting Joshua tree NP

o A night sleeping under I-10

o Majestic campsite along Mission Creek, meeting Senator and Opah

o Fun in “tomato House” and $9 given to use at highway overpass “from the lord”

· Big Bear to Wrightwood

o Helping Ross, secure a ride off trail as he wore out

o Walking near Holcomb Creek and deep creek with wild birds

o Deep Creek Hot springs, struggling to relax; swimming

o Pastor Marlene’s root beer float trail magic

o Sunset from Cleghorn (?) ridge north of Silverwood Lake

o Panic at I-15 that next 22 miles were dry and mostly uphill

o Trail angels – Walt and Laurie host me in their home

o Reunion in Wrightwood – Sew-n-sew, Sly and sasquatch

· Wrightwood to Aqua Dulce (Hiker Heaven)

o Buggy summit of Mt. Baden Powell

o Wild African Safari Dream at Little Jimmy Springs campground

o Breakfast at North Fork ranger station, washing my face crying

o 1 hour break at Mattox Creek in Canyon Burn

o Afternoon at Robi’s Nest Campground pool, resting with “Whiz”

o Sleep under the “Star trek” rocks – “vasquez Rocks”

o Hiker heaven – to town movie “Indian Joes”, “in-n-out burger”

· Aqua Dulce to Mojave

o Slack pack 24 miles, 6+ running at Anderson’s

o Relax’n outside on zero; taco salad; Joe and Terri’s trail angel story

o Playing on aqueduct with chalk

o Hikertown’s cold outdoor shower; dog pee’d on my pack

o Giant sand pile, trail with no path

o Mojave, eat’n at denny’s, discerning thru my doubts and fears

o Church

· Mojave to Kennedy Meadows

o Wind farms, more wind farms

o Gust pushing me and full pack around, up and down

o Sheltering in pine grove (sunset), Joshua Tree Grove under rock

o Talk with Paranoia and Andrea while climbing from Bird Spring road

o Views into Butter Bread Canyon; OF snow covered ridges and Mt. Whitney

o Fire again closes trail

o Excitement/fear of pending High Sierras

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