17 June 2008

Resupply Indenpendence


I’m spending a night on the gazebo of a new construction B&B in town. This came together only moments before 9pm, wow! Town has been a rush, but my chores are nearly down and I’ll be hiking tomorrow. Earlier I hitched to Lone Pine to find an outfitter to replace worn socks and buy more sunscreen. Now I’ve mailed my sun pants home. Yeah, a lighter pack if only in my mind makes miles and climbs easier.

Climb, climb, climb! Last Wednesday, shortly after walking through the still smoldering Clover meadow fields, the PCT headed for 10,000 feet over ???? pass. The broad wide meadows on either side are stunning.

I’ve matched up with 6 other hikers for safety. Paranoia, Sew-n-Sew, Senator, Too Obtuse and Bad Advice. The collective pace is less than my normal plans. At first this was a struggle, yet I’ve learned to play more as I wait. Climbing on rock piles and splashing in rivers and creeks. Yes, water.

Water is plentiful. Bonus water crosses trail from high snow melt making cleanliness and hydration more convenient. I wash my face and neck often and sometimes my socks.

Water, flowing, in many forms, small brooks, big cascades, wider rivers and small streams. All of them beautiful and full of life (God). Grandeur and awe fill my heart often. Mountain peaks, tower out of great rangers of granite.

Yesterday, I climbed over Forester pass. Following trail wasn’t hard, but impossible because it was often under snow. However, I now feel more confident in my map skills as I connected rock islands to the south slope and climbed to 13,500’.

I wrote to Dad about my side trip up Mt. Whitney. I’ve find climbing rather enjoyable, especially knowing I’ll be surprised by new views. As Paranoia said “it’s so big1” it’s nearly impossible to describe the majesty of it all.

I think often you should submit for sabbatical and thru-hike the John Muir Trail. You know the PCT and JMT share most of next 250 miles of gorgeous land.

My body is doing well, with low mileage. One change is something has led to my feet swelling resulting in blisters on my big toes. Ow! New shoes are ordered for South Lake Tahoe two-weeks away.

My spirits and heard feel more settled in this new environment. I continue to listen for God in silence and stillness 3x a day. This grounding is a huge support and healing communication for me.

Be well and give my love to my nieces and nephew and Cheri


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