01 July 2008

Red's meadow to Toulumne (PCT 940)


Sunday July 29th, was the beginning of the end and a day of great revelation. Lying in bed in Mammoth Lakes, I was preparing myself to return to the trail. My body still felt weak. I called Emily to do some diagnosis and she gladly researched many potential ailments. I left for breakfast. Over my toasted bagel, I gingerly ate worried I was in the incubation period giardia, I started crying. I hadn't told Mom, Dad or Emily about my nearly fatal accident then 10-days earlier.

I tried reaching Emily several times only to get voicemail. So I continued with my plans and left Sew-n-Sew, Paranoia & SW. at Motel 6. After three shuttles I was back at Red's Meadow. I was thinking my body was so weak that I may be finished with all of this PCT business. I said, 'just hike a few miles see how you feel you can always turn around.' Wanting to see the "Devil's Post Pile National Monument," I hiked a parellel route of the PCT and taking in these vocolanic columns. I made a detour to the Ranger station wanting to try one last time to call Emily.

Two attempts 20 minutes apart failed. And as I retied my shoes from my lunch break, the pay phone rang, Emily was on the other end. Slowly through tears and sobbing I shared with her my accident. I only noticed the swarms of tourist arriving and departing as the roar from each bus load silenced my conversation. This was a necessary and difficult experience.

I hiked Northward, taking the John Muir Trail instead of the PCT. The JMT weaves in and out of a half-doze mountain lakes that had sounded much more appealling than a ridgeline. Whatever the PCT is like, the JMT was wonderful. My first night I camped alone above a lake Hutchinson? (sadly the name is far from mind now). I continued to marvel at how comfortable I was at being alone and in the woods.

The next day I was looking to make it near Toulumne Meadows, my next resupply. I left camp early and walked my slow and steady gant. I meet up with Treebeard and his visiting partner Makela near 1000 Island Lake. My day's joy was spreading with the light of the rising sun. As I neared Donhoue pass, I continued to chat up each passing section hiker.

Lunch was typical with my prayers, eating and some stretching. Yet as I walked on my heart exploded with Joy, happiness and energy I hadn't had for a week or more. I kept trying to settle myself down from this altered state because I didn't want to hurt my leg again. It felt as though I was being pulled by my heart and floating on joy into Toulumne. I surrendered to this energy and simpled tried to do ' damage control' as I continued to pick up my pace.

I felt complete in Toulumne. My mind was filled with ideas of letting go of my preparations of getting to Canada. I had heard in heartmind these past two days- after sharing with Emily- a repriorization of my time. Skillfully, I recognized this energy would pass, so I said one more town and I'll think about ending my hike.

I'm simply excited to have made it 940 + miles, safe and happy. I really enjoyed the last 2 days of miles and views. I've always enjoyed walking for walkings sake. And now with my energy again I look forward to the next 150 miles to my resupply in South Lake Tahoe (SLT), CA.


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