21 January 2008

Prep #4 -- Promising News

Fundraising -- I've talked with someone at JVC:NW and they are considering HIKING FOR RECOVERY as an article in their newsletter with 4000+ recipients. I'm grateful and excited about the potential to share my story and the work of the MRC with so many.

I've sent out my first round of request to manufacturers and friends / family. A few companies have already contacted me with further questions, again promising news.

Hiking Prep-- I spent an evening with my Aunt Lydia discussing sewing technique. I'll be trying to put together a vest from sewing kit purchased at Thru-hiker.com. Depending on my vest project's results, I've been day dreaming of making my own down jacket.

Single digit temperatures and blistering wind in NW OHIO have caused me to redirect my training program to Yoga. I'm confident that keeping limber is as important as keeping strong (I had been running 4x a week since January 1st).

This week will be light on PCT research and slow with taking necessary steps to put all that needs to be done into order. I have my first sermon to research, pray about and produce for this coming Sunday. This sermon work has me grateful, fearful and humbled.

Much love.

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