17 February 2008

Prep #8 -- Bob's Red Mill

SUPPORT: Thanks to Bob's Red Mill for donating 160 servings of 10-GRAIN CEREAL. I have enjoyed this cereal on past adventures. I am excited to have a bulk of my breakfasts on the trail be so highly nutritious as Bob's 10-GRAIN CEREAL. One of my greatest efforts for this PCT hike will be to eat healthier and more mindfully then I did on my AT thru-hike in 2004. As trail breakfasts go Bob's 10-GRAIN CEREAL is one of the best options: Low travel weight, great taste, nutritious, and easily adaptable for variety (honey, molasses, dried fruit, etc.) and cooks easily with just water.

To explain this donors contribution let me tell a bit of my efforts. In addition to asking everyone to donated to Al Forthan Scholarship Fund, I wrote letters to some of my favorite product manufacturers. I thought I might get some in-kind gifts and allow myself to focus more on Hiking for Recovery (H4R). I have a few more letters out there and I'll see how things wrap up i in the end. I am very grateful for everyone contribution to my two loves. Change (i.e. the work of the MRC and Al Forthan Scholarship Fund) and the Outdoors.

Fundraising: I recently have expanded my fundraising efforts. Part of the reason I'm fundraising is to connect people. Simply having a financial goal doesn't necessarily encourage a large quantity of donors. So now in addition to my $1.00 per mile goal, I'm hoping to get one donor per day. That is approximately 150 donors one for each of day of my five months I plan to be on the PCT. (Tell your friends quickly)

Personal: The weekend of 2/8-10 took me to Chicago on a last minute trip (4.5hour drive) to visit my roommate from JVC in Portland as he was visiting the Windy City. Bernie decided to travel back to Ohio with me and spend the week travelling NW OHIO and SE MI. I didn't get much work done on the PCT planning. However I had a delightful time reconnecting with my beloved friend.

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