18 February 2008

Prep #9 - Data torture

Tearing apart money. Well that was a weird feeling.
Am I evening going to use this stuff?
Oh, what am I talking about. I'm talking about the process of tearing my YOGI HANDBOOK, GUIDEBOOKS and DATA BOOK into sections for lighter travel. I offered my frugal wallet-mind relief that if I didn't read all this material it was a worthy insurance policy.
Sad news is that my 26 old eyes may have to bring their glasses if I want to read on this hike. I didn't take my glasses four years ago on my AT hike.

I am focusing my energies next on nutrition. How to I best replenish energy after 20 miles of desert hiking? How can I keep variety in my diet when resupply grocery stores are modest sized and often in culinary conservative areas?
I am created for happiness and joy; To deny myself joy & peace is to deny God's gift and therefore deny the giver.

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