30 May 2008

Aqua Dulce to Mojave



A dog pee’d on my pack before I left Hikertown. Bummer the odor clung to my chest strap for the last two days. I’m glad to have had the time in Mojave to wash and soak my pack with vinegar. Hopefully the odor will pass with miles ahead. A moment can change a lot.

This section has been unseasonably cool. I’m grateful for the beautiful 60-80F temps instead of the 100+ the norm. I’ve hiked many of the past 100 miles with Joanne, Andrea and Senator. Having company is a support, but sometimes group decision making is a headache. Each are lovely and supportive of my journey and helping me care for my turbulent hear. The miles have been fun, playing with sand art and sidewalk chalk.

I purchased new shoes in Agua Dulce, using a car at Hiker Heaven to shop at REI. The Invo-8 fit great. I had a neat opportunity north of the Saufley’s to run 7 miles w/o my pack. A group of us drove our gear 25 trail miles to a road-crossing where trail angels, the Andersons, host hikers. As my day hike was wrapping up, I came upon Mr. Joe Anderson restocking the Hiker Oasis: water, beer, soda cache. He took my pack and I ran on. Running was exhilarating, getting up my heart-rate and engaging my mind in a ????? way.

I rested at the Anderson’s for two nights. Watching movies and feasting on Terri Andersons taco salad was spirit lifting. I was glad to have been at the Casa de Luna (Anderson’s) on a slow night. Only 15+ hikers made for a low-key evening. The night prior had 40+ and tequila was the power of a rocking hiker party.

News travelled the trail 200 miles south from Kennedy Meadow to my ears. Uncertainty and doubt led me to call Mom to mail additional gear. Reports are that KM has been 20F below average making the Sierra snow covered passes at 10000 ft potentially below freezing. Plus the snow melt has slowed and an additional foot or two gathered over Memorial Day weekend. I’m dreading the added weight I’ll be carrying during those miles (bear can, ice axe, micro spikes, and more clothes).

My body is feeling better where it once ached. So my heel and ankle are healthy and strong. My right knee, started having a new pain. Maybe this acute tendonitis won’t grow beyond management. The tough part is I have all day to dream disastrous storylines. Other comments on my body come from various female hikers; apparently, I’m in the running for sex trail legs of ’08. My calves have elicited specific admiration. A reoccurring nuance is that my nose is peeling from sun burn again.

Today I took some time to investigate in prayer continuing my hike. My discernment, prods me onward. However, my mind has been throwing tantrum once in a while with my aching knee and heart-mind I know many of the potential bail out points ahead. I would say that I am as emotionally and mentally raw and sensitive today as I was after 6.5 months on the Appalachian Trail. Making for a roller coaster of a hike inside me.

I miss Burnett summer gatherings and Emily. I dream to be finished hiking in season to join Dan and you on a fall weekend trek. My future plans are still unclear, but ideas of graduate school are being toyed with in my head. My priority shortly post-hike will be family and Emily. May I be patient in my PCT journey and my life.

Thanks Tony for posting photos and journal pages. I sent new photos with this page [Ed: I think Mom has the photos. I’ll get them up as soon as I get them].



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