24 May 2008

Wrightwood to Aqua Dulce (Saufley's)

5/24/2008 (assumed date)


Simplicity is a gift when I am able to relax into it. Leaving Wrightwood, I was struggling to ride the life wave. I was awake and packed by 6am, however Joanne, Andrea and I didn’t make it to the trail until noon. Ah! I’m working with this stiff attitude of mine. After this rough transition, the hiking has been beautiful. Simple sounds of birds, sights of canyons, creeks and flowers are beautiful.

Sunday’s miles north of Wrightwood, the aroma of Sierras was in the air. As I marched up Mt. Baden-Powell, the trail disappeared often to snow patches. The white stuff slowed down my pace and made the miles harder. As I headed up late in afternoon, caravans of day hikers passed me returning to their cars going to their homes. Here I am being a space-age nomad with no address. Andrea and I left Joanne on a ridge top and descended into camp.

Little Jimmy springs camp, was full of PCT’ers. I made dinner by spare moonlight beneath towering pines. Later I spread out my Tyvek groundsheet to cowboy. Sleep was weak as bugs feasted on my exposed skin, so at midnight. I arose and pitched my tent. Rest was peaceful until 6am wake-up.

The trail meanders through pines and down into scrub brush. The variety has been wonderful and the weather too. As I descended in elevation, temperature cooled. I camped alone after sunset. Having very little water I hiked early to north fork ranger station before making breakfast. As I washed up I was struck by the life lessons my mom trained me to do and take care of myself, as I cleaned behind my ears at a water spigot.

Wednesday, I paced myself slowly because Thursday I would nero (low-mileage day) into Aqua Dulce to resupply. Wiz caught up with me and we hiked together. I spent a gorgeous morning hour at Mattox Canyon creek in a recovering burnt forest. Surprising me in that afternoon the trail intersected a road near a campground with a pool. So Wiz and I spent hours for $5.00 resting in sun and swimming. At 5pm we moved on.

The trail dipped into a rocky canyon famous for being scenes of movies. The sunset behind a foggy haze, reminding me of Star Trek. Wiz and I duck off trail to a patch of ground and shared camp with Sly, Tailwind and Tahoe Mike.

Thursday, the PCT shared a road into Aqua Dulce when I stopped for breakfast before going to Hiker Heaven.

The Saufley’s host hikers. There are cars for use and I caught a ride to a bigger town and saw “Indian Jones” in the theatre. Friday, I went shopping to buy 20+ days of food to mail ahead throughout the Sierras. New gear adorns my feet, with new Inov-8 shoes I’m hopeful my inserts help my Achilles in 500+ miles.

I’m with many hikers and its dinner, so I’m signing-off. I miss Dad and you very much. I may be done with my hike before Canada. My body is well, but I miss friends and family. One day at a time.


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