26 April 2008

ADZPCTKO plus 3 zeroes



I’ve been resting my body for past few days. I’m with a large gathering of hopeful and former PCT hikers at the Lake Morena Park at mile 20. The whole campground is full of gear and excited peoples.

I’ve been able to connect people, helping them to get their needs meet. For example, I introduced Joanna and Andrea to Gazelle (my San Diego Host). Gazelle was able to help Andrea get to REI to return her backpack. I went too and picked-up miscellaneous pieces of gear for two other hikers back at ADZPCTKO.

That group of letters stands for “Annual Day Zero PCT Kick-Off”. 2008 hikers are treated to food, multi-use bandanna and a LED light. Plus teachings gear and fun.
I’ve ran into hikers I met during my AT hike in ’04. Reconnecting has been life-giving. I’ve been meeting new friends as well. There are plenty of funny characters.

Yesterday I spend time trying on new gear. I think if would be a blast to visit ULA Equipment and sew my own pack under Brian’s supervision. Humorously at one point I was trying on packs myself and Brian had stepped-away then suddenly I was fielding questions from eight people. Plus I started fitting packs. Brian returned, I kept working. I really enjoyed sharing my passions and lightweight gear is one of my passions.

Different people have been trying to give me a trailname. Andrea and joanne think I’m a “Trail Mom” for helping take care of other hikers needs. Brian of ULA and Matt (Mosaic PCT’08) were joking of changing “Father Ounce” (my AT trailname) to “Lord Ounce”, especially appropriate as I deemed which pack would help customers. Back in Warner Spring, some called me “double-plate” for taking dishes from busboy’s hands.
I’ll be hitching a ride to Warner springs on Sunday. I’m eager to start hiking, but my Achilles still is sore. Now there are people telling me that it may progress into “plantar fasciitis”. If this happens my hike will be over. Speaking of my body, I was attacked by a rock on Thursday. As I set-up my tent the rock I was hitting on my stakes lept up and bit the tip off my finger. I have a tender split and blood blister on my middle finger.

I’m off to post this letter and visit with friends.

Love Casey.

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