15 April 2008

Prep # 16 -- From San Diego Final Stage Point

Dear Jim,

I had a fantastic time visiting Portland last week. I'm glad I took the time to visit prior to my hike. Reconnecting with so many friends helped me settle my ever fluctuating nerves about my approaching adventure.

Tim and I drove thru Redwood Forest in route to San Francisco. We picked up a twenty-something hitchhiker who had endless stories. He left behind an odor when we drop in a town along HWY 101. Tim and I then made our way delighting in the gorgeous sunlight and warm temps (75+) to the Bay Area. We spent the weekend visiting friends, hiking and starring off at the bay. Our group had stumbled upon a regatta on Saturday. The transformation of the competing boats from homogeneous colored sails to brilliant billowing spinnaker sails was awesome.

I took greyhound to San Diego yesterday. And today, I'm taking care of some final logistics. I realized as I spoke with my host Carole (mom of PCT hiker Gazelle 07 & 08) that I've spent the majority of my effort these past 4 months working to raise money and awareness for the Al Forthan Scholarship Fund. To put it into numbers, I'd guess 70% of my effort so far for this hike has been for the Al Fund. This numbers will change drastially when I start walking.

So today I'll be writing - with gratitude- more thank you cards. Then doing laundry (I've been in same cloths for 5 days) and showering. Then I'll pack up and hit the trail sometime this week.

I hope your family is well and thanks again for allowing me to crash at your place for a week.

In Love,

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